The geological reseaches in the Alborz, Zagros and Central Iran Basins

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Lithostratigraphy and biostratigrapgy of the Asmari Formation at the Katula stratigraphic section(Izeh area):introduction as a reference section in the Zagros Basin.

Iranian Journal of Geology, Vol. 3, No.11, Autumn 2009.

Authors: Tahmasbi Sarvestani, A. R., Ghavidel-syooki, M. , Adabi, M. H.,  and Sadeghi, A.

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M. Ghavidel-syooki & M. Mahdavian. Palynostratigraphy of Devonian  strata in Hutak area, nothern kerman Province

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Palynostratigraphy of lower Paleozoic sediments in southern
Fazelabad town (Kholin-Darreh area), southeastern Gorgan city

M., Ghavidelsyooki, Profesor of Petroleum Engineering Institute University of Tehran
M., Hosienzadeh Moghaddam, M.Sc. National Iranian oil offshore Company

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